Horwin debuts an electric motorcycle in the US, but at a cost

Horwin debuts an electric motorcycle in the US, but at a cost

Classified as a maxiscooter, the SENMENTI 0 is expected to face competition from other futuristic-looking, high-performance vehicles, such the BMW CE 04 electric motorbike. According to the company, "Horwin enters the market with a vision to disrupt, breaking new ground with innovative technologies that drive the mobility industry towards a sustainable future."

Original article written by: Micah Toll

Horwin was among the first to introduce a multi-speed manual transmission for light electric motorcycles a few years ago, and he has frequently assisted the electric motorcycle sector in adopting new technology and trends.

However, the outcome is a little more expensive this time around, projected to be around US $16,800. That is the anticipated retail price of the Horwin SENMENTI 0 in the United States. Order books are already open, and potential riders can secure three years of complimentary charging with a $100 payment. There aren't many details on how that benefit will operate, but given the bike's integrated 30-minute DC fast charging capability, it might entitle you to a free pass at some charging stations. 

Additionally, the business unveiled two concept cars. With a WLTP-estimated range of at least 250 miles (400 km), the SENMENTI X Hyper GT is billed as "the ultimate performance touring motorcycle." The SENMENTI 11 is an even more powerful motorcycle made "for thrill-seekers and adventurers."

Wendsor Zhou Wei, the CEO and founder of Horwin, clarified:

We are ecstatic to present Horwin and share our narrative with fresh listeners. Naturally, any EV company's primary sales market is the United States. Horwin is ahead of the curve when automakers make the switch to all-electric vehicles because it has spent years creating cutting-edge 5G-enabled manufacturing processes that are enhanced by artificial intelligence to pave the way for a more sustainable future. We are eager to demonstrate all the benefits of riding an electric motorcycle to riders of all skill levels. We want people to compare Horwin to their smartphone, which is a necessity when leaving the house.