America’s passenger railroad plans to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, Amtrak said Thursday, joining a growing list of transportation carriers and agencies that have made commitments to reduce their carbon footprints. Amtrak said it also plans to reduce diesel fuel usage through improved technology and use carbon-free electricity by 2030. The carrier, which operates more than 300 trains serving more than 500 destinations daily, said it will invest in research in collaboration with states and experts to advance innovations in fuel cells, hydrogen, batteries and other zero-emission technologies. “Not only are trains convenient and comfortable, they are also one of the most sustainable modes of transportation,” Amtrak chief executive Stephen Gardner said in a statement. “With new equipment, modernized stations and net zero emissions, Amtrak can lead the drive toward sustainable transportation throughout the nation.” Domestic airlines have also recently announced measures to reduce their contributions to greenhouse gases and climate change, setting goals to bring emissions to net-zero within 30 years.