About Green Cool Earth

You have reached the international version of Green Cool Earth [BETA]

This is a joint non-profit initiative of ZAAKS and USOME represented by Melvin van Rookhuizen and Pasang Tamang.

We show a collection of news focused on the environment that we enrich with synopsis and conclusions where possible. Our goal is to condense information available on the internet.

At Green Cool Earth, we are steadfastly navigating our beta phase with a pivotal focus on enriching Nepal’s environment and community. Grounded firmly with boots on Nepalese soil, we are not merely a digital platform but an active catalyst for change, organizing critical tree-planting sessions and concretely contributing to ecological preservation. In collaboration with local Nepalese organizations, we strive to manifest a tangible, positive ecological impact, providing meticulous insights and transparent communication about our endeavors and their environmental repercussions. While we’re fervently engaging in cooperative initiatives with diverse organizations, a Nepal-centric version of our platform is on the horizon, ensuring a tailored, impactful, and culturally nuanced approach to supporting and sustaining the vibrant ecosystems and communities of Nepal."

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